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    Who do you think will win Super Bowl LI?Poll open until February 4, 2017 7:00 PM
    1. Atlanta Falcons (0)
    2. Green Bay Packers (0)
    3. Dallas Cowboys (0)
    4. Seattle Seahawks (0)
    5. New England Patriots (1)
    6. Kansas City Chiefs (0)
    7. Houston Texans (0)
    8. Pittsburgh Steelers (0)

    Total: 1 vote
    New England Patriots (1 vote): Jerry The Mathlete

    Next weekend is the Divisional Round. With 8 teams remaining, who you have going all the way? My Super Bowl picks are Dallas and New England. As much as I would like to see Dallas win, it’s just New England. They just win because of Belichick. Brady is now the age Peyton Manning was when they won it last year and retired. However, Tom Brady has never had a bad season. If his stats look low, it’s because he didn’t play. He can easily be the new George Blanda.

    Now to talk a bit about Dallas, Dak and Zeke have it going. I been on the Dak hype train since his last year at Mississippi State. Zeke is just a beast. He’s not a power back, he’s not a speed back, he’s both, and a rookie. With a relatively young team (besides Witten, but he’s still good to play), they’ll be back soon if they don’t win it this year.


    Edit: Did I just say Dak went to Ole Miss? Jeez I must’ve been tired…

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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